Buying A Logo

Before You Buy A Logo

So you've decided you need a logo for your company, product, club etc., and you are not sure where to begin. Logo designers all have their own style and prices. It's always best to look for awhile before you choose. Before you buy a logo, here are somethings you might want to consider:

  1. Do your own investigation. Whenever you buy anything off the internet, you should always investigate the company you are buying from. Do a search for your company and include the term 'logo review'. If they had a reputation for poor service or product, someone has likely mentioned it on a forum somewhere.
  2. Exam the fine details. There are several things you might want to look for in a logo designer. Here's the checklist:
    • Do they offer a money back guarantee?
    • How many artists will be working on your logo?
    • How many concepts will you receive?
    • Do you get full copyrights to your logo?
    • How many revision rounds will you get?
    • Do they use only original artwork?
    • How many file formats will you receive?
    • Do they offer a grayscale version of your logo free of charge?
    • Do they offer a two, three and four color versions of your logo and if so what is the cost?
    • Do they offer free support and communication with your print shop if you require it?
    • How long is their support good for?
    • If you are interested in advertising their services on your website, do they have an affiliate program?
  3. Be prepared. Even if you don't have an idea of what you want your logo to look like, you probably have seen other logos you do like. Try to keep a collection of images while you are searching. Reference everything you like from fonts to colors to pictures, and make sure you pass these things on to your designer.
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