Creating A Logo

Option 4: Inkscape

If you've ever researched Open Source/Free Vector Drawing programs, you've probably come across the list of free vector drawing programs on Wikipedia. Although, I haven't explored all of these softwares I have read several reviews on the topic. Consistently at the top of the list for usabilility and capability is GNU's Inkscape. Personally, this is the vector software that peaks my interest the most. There isn't much literature for the product, but that will change this may May when their official training book is released. How can anybody not try a product that is free?

There are several other softwares, not covered here, you could try. I've read that Xara Xtreme is also growing in popularity. If you are looking at designing logos professionally, make the sacrifice and buy Adobe Illustrator. If you want to just have a vector drawing program to play around with and don't have much money to spare, Inkscape would be the software of choice for me.


Inkscape Logo

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