Welcome to Hardcore Logo

This is my website, started simultaneously as both a pet project and as a school project. The timing could have not been more perfect. For now, I am just going to cover the basics. I'm hoping I can continue to develop this site long after my class is finished. The right hand column on most pages of this website is for artwork and advertisements. If you have any logo art you'd like to showcase on my site, I would be happy to put it up.

Why Logo Design

Despite all of the hard work I've put into getting through my design certificate at SAIT, I still don't really have a knack for creating graphics. That said, I do love logo art. The catalysts for exploring this interest has been 4 things:

  1. 2001: One of my coworkers was (still is) a graphic artist and really good one at that. He was having a hard time making ends meet, so being a fan of his work, I paid him to create a website and logo for me called theRunway. (Shown later on.)
  2. 2007: I saw a google ad stating "Designers went crazy... Logo Designs for $10." I must have bought 40 images from the now defunct website, tendollarlogo.com. They were great!
  3. Winter 2008: I wanted to test out affiliate advertising to see if I could create a website that made money, so I build a one about logo design.
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