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Why Logo Design (Continued)

  1. And currently: I'm working on this assignment. So, I'm not going to show you how to create a logo or what makes a bad one or good one. What I would like to share is my own experience with buying graphics, the logos I've like and have not liked, logo design software, as well as a little bit about affiliate programs.

Why Hardcore Logo

If you didn't already know, Hard Core Logo is both the name of a movie and a book. One I have never seen, the other I have never read. But it's a good name for a logo website, I think. My friend suggested I acquire the domain name when I asked him for a his thoughts on the matter. I had looked it up, at one point, to see if it was available, and it wasn't, but a few days after the suggestion it popped up on my auction list, and I was lucky to purchase it without any competition. So here it is - HardCoreLogo.com.

A Note About Affiliate Programs

I want to say a little something about affiliate programs because I may mention it throughout this website, and I do have a few ads here, as well. In my case, I have joined some affiliate programs. I have placed their ads on my website. If you click on the ad and buy something off the website you are directed to, I make a commission off that sale. As webdevelopers, affiliate programs can be a simply way to generate revenue just by adding a few links to your website.

Until about the 1930's, most logos in America were of the pictorial kinds and many were reproduced from large Oil paintings.

fisk tire boy

dutch boy