Logo Reviews

I recently signed a book out of the library called "Really Good Logos Explained". The book is filled with both constructive criticism and praise of logos, from the so-called "experts" of design. I thumbed through the whole book several times, and to be honest, I only saw a handful of logos that I really liked. I'd like to share some of these logos here, but first I'd like to show off some of the logos that were created for my websites, as well as logos I have seen around my community that I really like.

Logos I Have Had Done For Me

The Runway

TheRunway.ca was my first website. It's basically an online community for runners. My friend did up the initial designs. I actually lost the intial concepts, but he did 3 versions of the final design - all of which turned out great. I had the company tendollarlogo.com take a shot at this design, but I didn't find that their designs compared. I also had another company do up some more designs last year. When I caught them using clip art, I ended the relationship.

Quaker Is the New Punk

Quaker Is The New Punk is the future home of my blog website. I originally paid someone over $200 to create this logo, but their designs weren't very good, and I got my money back. I saw an ad on Google for TenDollarLogo.com and decided to try them out. Three days later, I had a logo I was happy with. (I had to modify it for the actual website.) The great thing about this design is I really didn't have any concept in mind, so the designer had to come up with one themselves. In this case, they came up with a good one.

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