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Really Good Logos Explained

Here are some logos from the book Really Good Logos Explained.

Oakville Grocer

I had to hunt around for this image. The logo is no longer being used by Oakville Grocer and they've replaced it with something far less attractive. That said, I really like this logo. I am not sure about the colors being used. I think it may look at little bit better if it were done in shades of brown. 'The experts' didn't have issue with the color. One critic stated that he liked the use of the fimiliar font 'Century Old Style' as it "adds significantly to the trustworthiness of the brand."

Monroe County Martial Arts

This was another logo no longer in use by the person it was designed for. Odd. I think it's pretty clever how they turned the house symbol into the martial artist (complete with belt and bo stick). A couple of the critics didn't like how the head was balancing on the tip of house. I think it looks fine.


This is the logo that seemed to remain imprinted in my brain after thumbing through the book several times. I think it's the color and the simple emotion in the facial expression of the Photoprint. One of the critics complimented the designer on the "intentionally tight letterspacing". I would agree.

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Oakville Grocer

Martial Arts